Why Motopony Should Be Your Favorite Band: The Great Donut Saga of 2014

By: Meghan Kearney
29 October 2014

These days, we all know that to be a musician, you have to work twice as hard for half the reward. All over the internet, artists are trying new strategies to engage fans, promote music, and find a way to sustainably do what they love. As a fan, we sort of get the long end of that stick, what with Spotify giving us whatever music we want on demand, with social media keeping us updated on virtually every move the musicians we love make. But tell me this, when was the last time you came home to a donut on your doorstep from those same musicians?

Here’s how this went down:

Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-12-11 (2) Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-12-19 (2)

I wasn’t kidding. That beautiful song makes me cry. I wasn’t kidding. Delicious donuts make me smile. Daniel Blue wasn’t kidding. Two maple bars were waiting for me at my door when I got home from work today.


This gesture came from across the country, as Motopony are currently on tour through the end of the year; today, in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m not sure what it took to get someone to drop donuts at my doorstep, but I think we can all agree that is probably the coolest thing that has ever been done.

Aside from the donuts, Motopony is a band that you need to know. Off of their 2011 self-titled, is this year’s “Idle Beauty” EP. They’ve got that folky, Pacific Northwest feel, that makes this place such a magical part of the globe. When Daniel Blue is not orchestrating the delivery of donuts to doors across the country, he’s working his pipes something pretty fancy. Check out a couple tracks below, or follow them on all those social world wide web places (I can’t speak for Motopony, but you may just get your own donut one day).


OLDIE (“King of Diamonds”)

NEWBY (“Get Down Come Up”)


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