Summer Ain’t Over Just Yet…Cruise in the Sun with The Cold Start’s “Chrysalis”

By: Meghan Kearney

Orlando, Florida’s own lads of The Cold Start have been working diligently since we last heard from them. If you’ve forgotten, you can refresh yourself here. The forthcoming release of their third record, aptly titled III, is set to be released this Fall. In the meantime, they have released the first single off of the record, “Chrysalis” with an accompanying music video that is beautiful both musically and cinematically.

The track itself is a masterfully produced, warming, ballad of sorts. The video follows in suit as an explosive chorus sees the men of The Cold Start smashing up a TV (a la Office Space?), while glimpses of sunny Orlando’s Church Street Station set the scene for a bike ride as freeing as the tune. Signature piano carries the track melodically, and while the pop sounds of past records is maintained, “Chrysalis” has a bit of a smoothly polished dream-pop sound to it. Fall slowly inching in, if this track is anything of a preview of III, a real treat of a record is just on the horizon.

Check out the video for “Chrysalis” below or visit The Cold Start’s site to keep posted on III. If you like what you hear, share the video, and make sure to give them a follow on Facebook & Twitter.


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