Interview with The Buttering Trio

By: Sam Murry

The Buttering Trio are one of the most exciting acts this year with their album Toast showing immense creativity and diversity of sound. Their electronic soundscapes enrapture their audiences in wonder and awe. As we here at Secretly Rad are always bringing you what we feel is the best exciting music around we simply had to get hold of these guys for an interview so I dropped them an email and here is what the band had to say about their musical mission and what to butter whilst enjoying their tunes.

SR: What are your musical backgrounds and how did you first come to collaborate?

Beno – music producer and bass player, working with the Balkan Beat Box, Boom Pam and more.

KerenDun – coming from the jazz scene, originally trained as a jazz singer and percussionist, today mostly making beats.

Rejoicer – music producer and beat maker, working with 3421, featured in Gilles Peterson world-wide radio show, Hip-Hop oriented as hell.

We started working together about 3 years ago, first in Berlin with GymBass, the first bass player for the Buttering Trio, and a few months after we met Beno (the current bass player) in Tel Aviv, in the Kicha Recording Studio, which is our home-base, and also for a lot of producers on Raw Tapes (the Tel-Aviv based label under which the trio is acting). There’s always someone doing a beat in the Studio. The becoming of the trio was a natural phenomena, the outcome of long late-night jamming, beat making and smoke blowing.

What is the musical mission of The Buttering Trio?

BT: Making Beats, unlimited by definitions, always progressing, and spreading the message of peace (outer&inner) thru music.

What inspires you as musicians to perform and compose?

BT: Sadness, happiness, longing, people, animals, plants, memories of past lives, other music & art altogether.

How do you compose your songs? Do you have a set method or do you try different methods (if so what are some of them)?

BT: We all make beats all day, and so the Trio’s music is a collection of beats from each of us, always with inputs from the others, the writing, production and mixing is different in each song – this way the work and the music always stays fresh.

What do you want people to think your songs are about?

BT: Our songs are about the human state, the social state, sometimes about abstract ideas and emotions.

How do the songs translate to a live setting?

The work in the studio is very different from the work on stage. We give life to the music on stage combining the electronic loop-based technique with playing live –  bass, synths, sax, vocals, and midi controllers.

Where is your favourite venue to play?

BT: We love to play at festivals, open air, big sound-systems, high energies.

Do you think music is a universal language?

BT: Of course it is. Music is the best way for people from completely different parts of the world, geographically, culturally etc, to relate to one another, to move one another, to convey the things that can’t be said. It is the magical healing abstract substance that makes the world beautiful.

What music are you listening to yourselves at the moment?

Beno: Timbaland & Magoo , Live Beat Tapes

KerenDun: Georgia Anna Muldrow , Insightful

Rejoicer:  Chris Daddy Dave , Karriem Riggins

What is the future for The Buttering Trio? What future plans have you made?

BT: We’re touring internationally with our latest album – Toast – in the next few months, and in the beginning of 2014 we will be releasing our second LP – JAM – which was recorded in 3 days of jamming, as part of the ‘Harake’ project of 106FM radio in Israel.

Sorry for the pun question! But what should you butter whilst listening to the Buttering trio?

BT: While listening to Buttering Trio you yourself are being buttered. You are the toast, surrender to the butter.



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