Mansions – Doom Loop

doom_loop_coverMansions|Doom Loop
12 November 2013
Clifton Motel

By: Meghan Kearney

The release of Mansions fourth full length album Doom Loop was happily welcomed by the very loyal set of followers that Christopher Browder has developed since the birth of Mansions. What’s also exciting about this album, is that over the years Robin Dove has slowly become more and more a part of Mansions, ultimately making Doom Loop a full blown duet.

With the two relocating from Louisville to Seattle just a few years ago, they seem to have not only embraced the sound and success of the great Pacific Northwest, but shaped a thoroughly enjoyable dynamic in their music.

The album opens with the track “Climbers” and right off the bet showcases that distinct Mansions sound, known by most as maintaining a perfect grip on those early 2000’s alt-emo sounds. What’s different about this opening track, and continues throughout Doom Loop is the energy. While past Mansions albums side more with the emo aspect of their sound, this one screams rock and roll. It’s like Mansions times ten; version 4.0. Browder’s vocals are unmistakably nostalgic, while Dove’s back up vocals give the track an added beauty.

Bursting right into the second track “Flowers in my Teeth” it is clear this album houses much more layered instrumentation than ever before. On “Two Suits” you’ll find the first thing that’ll stick in your head, even after one listen. A sardonic harmony of competing layered vocals “You never call or write, like that’s some big surprise. How do you sleep at night it’s eighty fucking dollars?” What’s eighty dollars? Unclear. But for some unknown reason the emotions of resentment expressed here are totally cathartic.

Moving on, “The Economist” is thus far a favorite of the record. Grungy guitar and drums backup Browder’s scratchy vocals, while the track still maintains a hard but beautiful melody. The song slows down about two minutes in before building into a powerhouse explosion of an ending. “100 Degrees” fits best into the past-Mansions mold. Simple catchy guitar riffs and the raw emotion of vocals scream through lyrics “feels like I said too much, or maybe I’m losing touch. I know somedays shit gets so heavy. But I won’t sing that song no more” in heart wrenching tones.

Overall, Doom Loop is everything and more a Mansions fan could dream of, and it has that spark reeking of the blood, sweat and tears that were put into the album. As musicians who do everything themselves it’s always such a great feeling as a listener to push play on that new record and truly love it. Go get the record. Loop Doom Loop and lose yourself in its awesome modern angst.



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