Interview with Vija Veinberga at WOMEX, Cardiff, Wales

vijaVija Veinberga
31 October 2013
WOMEX World Music Expo | Cardiff, Wales

By: Sam Murray

I met Vija Veinberga at the Riga stand at WOMEX in Cardiff. I was on my break and decided to have a wonder around the expo and Vija greeted me and invited me to her stall to learn about Latvian music. I told her that I was curious about Latvian folk and she took time to educate me about the various aural delights that would await me. The next day I found Vija and managed to get a few minute of her time to record this wonderful interview which really gives an overview of the life of not only a musician, as Vija sings in the group Saucejas, but also of an ethnomusicologist who cares passionately about the musical traditions of homeland and preserving them for generation to come, whilst at the same time promoting this culture to the rest of the world, hence her being at WOMEX. It was a real honour to meet Vija and can honestly say the Latvian delegation at WOMEX were the friendliest, so much I’m now looking down the back of the sofa to find a few spare pennies to make a trip to Riga. In the audio below you can hear myself and Vija in conversation at the Motorpoint Arena during WOMEX.

Read more about our time at WOMEX HERE.


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