Band to Watch: Leagues


Leagues is a trio made up of Thad Cockrell, Tyler Burkum and drummer Jeremy Lutito. Their debut record You Belong Here (Check out the album stream here) released in early 2013 is putting their home town of Nashville, TN on the rock map, setting them apart from the likes of the country/country-pop fronted Nashville music scene. The three well-established musicians formed together in the hopes of turning their talents into the group effort now under the title Leagues.

On their recently released Spotlight EP the band singles out their title track hit “Spotlight” a bluesy-rock, anti-love ballad that’s addictive in its foot tapping melodies. Also included on the EP, two brand new tracks “Walking on Water” and “She Kissed Me” assist in proving Leagues to be one of the new front-runners in the indie-rock genre where one finds artists like The Black Keys, Portugal. The Man, or Arcade Fire.

“Walking on Water” opens with a wonderfully catchy baseline soon tagged with a team of smooth vocals before breaking into a high chorus. Lyrics “we’re both walking on water, we’re walking to each other. You keep your eyes on me, I keep my eyes on you” sound seductively charming from lead singer, Cockrell’s unflawed vocals. “She Kissed Me” is a combo of fronting drum beats and another round of suave bluesy vocals. The track prolongs into a guitar riff that feels part spacey, part 1970’s black and white crime flick. The Spotlight EP closes with a Trouble Waters Flibbity Flu remix of “Spotlight” highlighting the high-pitched chorus and sampling it over dance beats.

Leagues is on the road now with upcoming shows trailing through the West Coast, up into Canada, and then back over to the East Coast before the end of November. We’ll be catching the guys in Portland, Oregon on October 25th at Bunk Bar. This is an act you’re going to want to catch on this tour, because come any future ones, you may be fighting for those tickets.

Find out more about Leagues via the links below, and stay tuned for coverage from their Portland show. We hope to see you out there!


WATCH: Leagues – “Spotlight”


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