Haim – Days Are Gone

haim-days-are-goneHaim | Days Are Gone
27 September 2013
Polydor Records

By: Meghan Kearney

With the release of their debut album, Days Are Gone, the three sisters that make up Haim have figured out the formula to a perfectly poppy, lovable and unique lineup of tunes (author’s note: we were late to the party in learning they pronounce their name “hime” not “hame”).

The album opens with their already-a-hit track “Falling” which immediately sets the tone for the style of these sisters. A hint of electric, with choruses that sooth into unanticipated splendor.  Moving forward, the track “If I Could Change Your Mind” showcases the way they craft both catchy, but perfectly down-tempo tones that make much of their work feel slightly mysterious. “Honey & I” adds a bit of a beachfront vibe with chimes and a guitar that almost reflects carefree sounds in old hits like “Walkin’ on Sunshine.”

The title track “Days Are Gone” has a 70s disco-dance feel, while the following track “My Song 5” is what could be described as what pop would sound like if it went grunge. With its bluesy guitar mixed with almost dubstep-esque undertones, this track sums up the range of sounds and samples that Haim puts forth on Days Are Gone.

Though Haim might appear to fit into the popular female fronted indie-pop genre so currently large, they set themselves apart instantly. Their songs stay kindly mellow, giving them more of relaxed enjoyment than acts aiming for that explosive female power (i.e. Florence & the Machine, Bat for Lashes). They offer the perfect set of sounds as winter approaches, but seemingly should carry listeners into the sunny summer months of 2014. Haim, and Days Are Gone are hands down one of the best acts and albums to debut this year.

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