CHVRCHES – The Bones of What You Believe

Chvrches_-_The_Bones_of_What_You_BelieveCHVRCHES | The Bones of What You Believe
24 September 2013


If you’ve been even slightly keeping tabs on music these days, you’ve assuredly heard of CHVRCHES. You’ve figured out by now they use a v for a u. You probably already think Lauren Mayberry is the most adorable new lead in music. You’re definitely enamored by Iain & Martin’s Scottish charm. I’ve yet to meet someone dissatisfied with CHVRCHES.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland (my personal favorite music scene on the globe) and somewhat of a Glasgow super group (at least from this American’s perspective) made up of former members of The Twilight Sad, Aereogramme, Blue Sky Archives and The Unwinding Hours (all who deserve a good listen if unknown by your ears).

CHVRCHES’ debut album “The Bones of What You Believe” was released this September with much anticipation. After posting the track “Lies” onto the web world over a year ago, the trio gained rapid popularity thanks to their expertise with social media, and what may be pointed directly at their constant creative virtual interactions with fans.

Opening with “The Mother We Share,” a track that’s been floating around, playing a huge role in their rise to indie-fame, upbeat, flowing electro-beats set the tone for the album. Mayberry’s vocals are instantly warming, full of just the right amount of beauty and sweetness to make the grumpiest guy on the block crack a smile. “Under the Tide” deserves a particular attention being that it is fronted by Martin “Dok” Doherty, showcasing that CHVRCHES is much more than looking to “put the adorable girl up front,” but rather a true triple play powerhouse of talent. The vibes stay upbeat throughout the record, but delve into darker lyrics highlighted throughout.

Synths and pounding bass drum beats make electric earthquakes on “Science/Visions,” while Mayberry’s vocals continue to charm on “Lungs” before the record closes with the 80’s beauty “You Caught the Light.” A much softer, quite beautiful track also lead by Dohrety quietly calms the wonderful record into its close. A song that is inspired by “animal tears,” unicorns” and “what it would be like if The Cure gave you a wedgie” as joked by the band on their growingly infamous Twitter-to-Vine question sessions. Though I am pretty sure the song might audibly sum up what it actually would feel like if Robert Smith pulled your underwear up to your ears, it may offer a nod to exactly the depth of music we are to expect from these Weegies from here on out.

Make your “Bones of What You Believe” purchases HERE

Then talk to your new best friends Lauren, Martin & Iain on  Twitter, Facebook & Instagram (and don’t forget Vine) – they’re live at ’em all.


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