Interview with London band Sebastopol for Record Store Day UK

We recently interviewed Phil Richards, guitarist for London-based band Sebastopol. We’ll be meeting up with Phil in London’s Soho neighbourhood this weekend to celebrate Record Store Day UK so we wanted to get his perspective on the occasion before we let him loose in Sister Ray.

If you’re a fan of The Police or The Cure you’ll definitely like Sebastopol.

Why are you interested in Record Store Day?

I like to believe that the spirit of record shops isn’t dead yet.

How and when did you first get into records?

My older cousin collected new wave records from the early 80s which got me into vinyl at an young age. Even though CDs and now digital MP3s are very practical formats for music, a 12 inch physical record cover is a fantastic object to hold while you’re listening to an album. I’d always try to get some kind of limited edition with coloured vinyl, or an import with different artwork — it was the same music, but it made me feel like I was closer to the band than everyone else who had just bought the standard record.

What does Record Store Day mean to you?

To me, Record Store Day is about celebrating the culture of record stores, as opposed to fetishising vinyl as a format. I’ve spent countless entire afternoons in record stores  just browsing, which usually ends up with me buying music I wasn’t looking for and hadn’t  heard before. So far I haven’t done that online.

Why do you think Record Store Day is important today? (as in, this day and age with digital music etc)

The vibe of record stores and the level of cultural engagement they offer is really hard to replicate online. Plus the format of vinyl records — with large artwork, credits and lyrics, and the inability to hit a ‘next track’ button — really aids the immersive experience for listeners. Record Store Day reminds us that digital convenience comes at a price.

What collaborations or special RSD releases are you most excited for?

The split white label of The Horrors and Toy remixing each other’s tracks — very cool.

If you were to release a special RSD collaboration, who it would be with?

Joan As Police Woman.

Sebastopol on the web


Facebook  (get a free download here too!)



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