Kurt Vile – Walkin on a Pretty Daze

kurtvileKurt Vile|Walkin on a Pretty Daze
9 April 2013

Nothing says approaching sunshine like a new record from Kurt Vile. With a last season skip, the new record, titled Walkin on a Pretty Daze not only comes at an appropriate time of the year but can be summed up just via its title. Kurt Vile is a little bit country; a little bit rock N’ Roll (yes, shamelessly using this cliché). If one thing is for sure, the new record just as ever before is another road trip-companion, mellow-out-on-the-shore, prescription for relaxation of the Vile collection.

The opening, almost title track, “Walkin on a Pretty Day” cashes in at a lengthy nine-and-a-half minutes. Right to the point, it is unmistakably from the hands of Kurt Vile. It encompasses the soothing guitar riffs of the kind of feelings that run through one’s own body whilst, well, walking on a pretty day. Carrying on, “Was All Talk” almost introduces a split-second of electronic, while “Never Run Away” speaks in acoustic rhythms with vocals that feel like grunge dressing up as folk.

Moving on, “Shame Chamber” seems finely nostalgic of the early 90’s, with gritty vocals, and echoed, high pitched “whoos” furthering that feel into the chorus. “Air Bud,” regrettably has nothing to do with cheesy basketball-playing golden retrievers. “Goldtone” closes out the album with a bit of an island vibe and supporting female harmonies.

Walkin on a Pretty Daze is nothing overly special, in that perfect kind of way. With Kurt Vile, a certain sound tends to be anticipated, because it’s a sound so enjoyable it needs no alteration. Just in time to carry ears through the summer sun, Kurt Vile sends this little companion for a pretty day.


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