Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse

wondrousbughouseYouth Lagoon|Wondrous Bughouse
5 March 2013
Fat Possum

The second full length release from Idahoian, Trevor Powers is a haunting, circus of noise. A follow-up to 2011’s Year of Hibernation, Wondrous Bughouse begins with “Through the Mind and Back,” aptly titled with sounds moving you through the dark goggles of a Kubrick film. Breaking out from the few minutes of distorted noise, the album opens up in to a much more inspiring but yet still wildly aloof composition of distortion and vocals. A spiral of keys seem to send Powers’ voice in and out of one’s consciousness.

The album begins to shine of Pink Floyd, Sergeant Pepper, as sinister vocals preach “They are the mouths that you never fed/ Eighteen demons lie in your bed/ questioning everything you’ve ever said/ It’s not true, it’s all in your head.” Half way through the psychosis of Wondrous Bughouse, distant chimes and whistles loop earlier sounds into another more cheerful set of tracks before transitioning into “Third Dystopia.” A track full of tool shed mocking percussion and backed by emotional electric guitar inspires. Feeling like the end of someone’s story, this track is the album’s most beautiful (though some may agree it could be the story of an undead takeover).

The album finishes the way it began except on a much higher note with piano that partially hints at someone like Bruce Hornsby over beats toeing the line of hip-hop. An almost circular change in tone slowly shuts the doors to the album. Listeners are left with not a feeling of trepidation but a fleeting moment as mere spectators in Trevor Powers’ wondrous carnival of sound.


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